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AR Global Recruitment has brought the concept of overseas education to guide each student professionally in selecting a right course at ideal university. We are a full service education consulting agency and our mission is to democratize higher education by giving students affordable access to the preparation and information they need to break the barriers to study abroad. We are committed to creating customized courses and programs based on each individual student’s needs.

Our organisation has a single-minded focus, to guide students to make their future bright and successful. Using our expertise and past experiences we can identify the most suitable university and program for each student.

We aim to understand the requirements of our students and give them the right direction and guidance. Our ambition is to win students minds by our outrageous knowledge for study abroad education.

Making Connections with others is one of the most important aspects of your career development - for researching potential careers, networking with people in fields you’re interested in, seeking out or creating career opportunities, and looking for a job. All of your connections are valuable ones, whether they’re friends, family members, fellow students, employers, teammates, professors, roommates, or neighbours. For the purposes of beginning and furthering your own career, it is important that you value all the connections you have and continue to make new connections, particularly in the career field you’re interested in.

We are a specialist on “Admissions in Abroad”, offering extensive guidance on international career options. Counsellors help the students explore the scope of the degree and career. We offer a complete range of services for any student wanting to study abroad. This includes coaching services of TOEFL- IELTS, University selection & Application Documentation, Admission & Student Visa guidance, Pre departure orientation & post arrival assistance. We help students on financial planning for studying abroad and financial documentation for Visa Interview. We are a professionally managed consultancy firm, with an Office in Delhi, fully equipped with Counselling Rooms & Coaching Classes.

AR GLOBAL has a guiding Mission and Vision statement that provides a beacon for the organisation:

Our Mission Statement:
"We are a provider of International Education counselling and support services. We facilitate the admission and visa processing for young persons from India so they may attain an International qualification from a reputed and recognized International Education partner of AR GLOBAL RECRUITMENT."

Our Motto:
"We Create Successful Global Graduates"

Our Vision:
"To provide seamless facilitation of International education recruitment services between India and the world."

Education systems abroad are more about learning practicality and enhancing different skills like language skills, personality development, situation handling skills, interpersonal skills, etc. required to win at every opportunity and dilemma of life. Likewise, recruiters in global market want candidates who are educated and skilled to overcome from any rigid situation during work to benefit the organization. As Indian students are born with an ability to camouflage with the environment and do not feel homesick easily while learning in a dissimilar habitat, International education hubs are keen to offer Indian students place in their campuses. Henceforth, if you possess an aim to study abroad then contact with our education counsellors to get instant help for all your international education queries by dialling by clicking on the register now button below to register with AR GLOBAL and receive a quick call back.


What We Do?


  • Define field of study
  • Familiarize with universities and countries
  • Find your USP


  • Meet language requirements
  • Meet education requirements
  • Manage documents in time


  • Pass standard tests
  • Get recommendations
  • Choose universities
  • Choose the best programs based on budget


  • Make travel arrangements
  • Relocation arrangements
  • Search for feasible accommodation
  • Establish connections and contacts

What Makes ARGlobal Recruitment Different?

Over 60% of our students are through referrals and word-of-mouth. No other company can forge overseas careers for ambitious students like we do.

Get admissions to European education courses without the need for IELTS or TOEFL

Get a chance to work in the same country after completion of a degree and post-study work options

Proven success in student counseling to study abroad

Handpicked educational programs from top universities with Direct Admission Partners and alliances with Major study destinations based Schools and Universities

100% focus on student visa and enrollments.

Team of Multiple education experts and certified education counselors

Helps students in every step of the way, including choice of course, the admission process, the visa applications, arrival and departure to and from the study destination along with accommodation.

In case your application gets rejected, we ensure an opportunity that suits your credentials in a trice!

We deliver a cost-effective way to fly to the new study destination including info on luggage to carry, accommodation in the new country, travel and health insurance, part-time jobs etc.

We are represented by scores of qualified and experienced associates across India aligned with Associate-focused business model

Benefits of Applying for study abroad Education with AR GLOBAL

Flexible Education System, Schengen Visa ensures access to all 26 European countries, Better Equipped Libraries, Innovative and Practical Infrastructure etc.

European universities offer huge scope for experimentation, switching multiple courses, and even design custom course structure.

Each individual can plan their study with a small class size promoting personalized learning and teaching.

Students are encouraged to own up their own thought process and gather their reasoning abilities in a democratic setting with loads of critical analysis and debates.

The libraries are made available at students’ fingertips with timely book exchanges, several journals, multimedia databases, and web-based research and inventive presentations.

Students can earn while they learn even before they complete the course, since most universities encourage students to work even when they study up to 20 hours a week during semesters, and even full time during their breaks and holidays.

Students get exposure while learning and working abroad, which adds character to the resume while applying for jobs in India or elsewhere.

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