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Study in Germany

Germany is one of the world leaders in terms of being the country of choice for international students to study. The reasons for many students to study in Germany are many – including need for specialized knowledge, improvement in language skills, and the expectation to land better career opportunities back in their home country or in Germany. We at Edugo Abroad offer the option to study in Germany for Indian Students without any hassle.

Quality teaching, security, great standard of living and low tuition fees, alongside the appeal of the local culture have made Germany an attractive study destination for Indian students. It is currently ranked fourth in India as the most preferred foreign study destination and strongly inching towards the number one spot in years to come. As Europe’s education consultants, we strongly recommend Indian students to study in Germany.

With its central location in the heart of the continent (it shares a border with nine different countries); Germany is the hub of Europe; to use a cliché – All roads lead through Germany. It is the economic and technological powerhouse of United Europe and occupying a high pedestal in the international political arena too.


Why Study In Germany?


  • Low or No tuition fees
  • Scholarships
  • Study in English or German
  • Comfortable admission & Visa process
  • Better career options

  • Work is wellness
  • High quality life

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