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Study in Poland

Poland is located in Central Europe and is the ninth largest country in Europe by size and also the sixth most populous country of the European Union (EU). Poland was the only EU country to show positive economic growth in 2009 when the entire EU was suffering from an economic crisis. Poland provides great opportunities for higher study for Indian students too.

Poland has a very rich cultural heritage and its history dates back over a thousand years. The first Polish University was founded in the 14th century and since then Poland has been a leading destination for higher education. The country hosted more than 46,000 international students in 2014/15.

Study in Poland and you will be amazed by the relatively low living costs and general affordability compared to most European countries. This factor makes Poland a destination of choice for students who want good quality higher education at reasonable costs. University fees in Poland are typically in the range of 3000 EURO per year. Also, one can study and work in Poland and thus pursue their career with reasonable investment.


Why Study in Poland?


  • Fees start from 2800 EURO per Annum.
  • NO IELTS examination required.
  • Wide range of courses are available in the fields of management, IT, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Graphics, Multimedia etc. at all levels of higher education - Bachelors Degree (3 years), Master's Degree (2 years) & PHD (3 years)

  • Easy accessibility to26 Schengen countries
  • Part-time work permit during term & full time work permit during term breaks
  • Easy career progression route post-study
  • Options to get permanent resident visa
  • Less than 15 days of Visa turnaround time

Apply to top Universities today

1. University of Euroregional Economy – Poland

2. Opole University of Technology – Poland

3. Bialystok University of Technology – Poland

4. Wroclaw University of environmental and life sciences – Poland

5. University College of Enterprise and Administration, Poland

6. Poznan, Poland